Exterior Detail

Thorough Hand Wash
Complete hand washing with micro- fiber mitt
Bug, Tar, & Mild Sap Removal
Front bumper, rear view mirrors, windshield, and lower panels scrubbed
Rims / Tires / Wheel Wells Cleaned & Dressed
All brake dust removed, rims / wheel wells wiped down and shine restored

Chamois Dried
Hand dried with synthetic chamois to eliminate streaks and water spots

Chrome Polished
Rims, trim, grill, and tail pipes polished to mirror like reflectivity
Rubber Seals Protected & Dressed
Exterior rubber conditioned to reduce drying and cracking
3 Step Process to Completely Restore Brilliance and Shine to all Painted Surfaces
Clay Bar Exterior Surfaces
Removes contaminates and grime to create smooth feel and glass like finish
Paint Polished to Brilliant Shine
Restore your vehicles beautiful elegance
Carnauba Wax Applied
To protect mirror- like finish of the "Showroom Shine” (Protects 3-4 months)
*Price of vehicle may vary based on size and condition
**Excessive pet hair or severe odor removal may result in additional charges
Available Add-on Services
Synthetic Sealant for added protection (8-12 months) –
Engine degrease & detail
Cloth Shield fabric protector
Complete Protection Upgrade Package
Scratch & Oxidation Removal